Posted by: Jay | July 18, 2014



Cuttlefish bone scratched on rock will wash away in the next rain shower.
In the face of winds, torrential downpour, heat, cold – elemental variation – chunks of cliffline collapse.
The ocean eats into rock, eroding, weakening; moving mountains.
Perpetual change.

Strength, hardiness, resilience are not transient.
The Rune Eihwaz, – Yew Tree – speaks of this.
Like the toughness of Yew tree, showing backbone denotes strength, moving forward boldly, taking decisive action, despite uncertainty.
The Yew tree firmly rooted, reaching up into the sky, represents a link between earth and heavens, mortality and immortality.
Strength, resilience, stability that transcends time. Eihwaz.


  1. Certainty of ones flexibility, Fully amazed by runes and I was very skeptical of them or anything like them. I haven’t opened my bag in 15 years though I certainly recall their soundness and how deeply they spoke. You keep positively surprising me Jay

  2. I was walking the other morning and found a rune like the one you have on the stone wall….I hadn’t looked it up yet …I have/had three yew trees but 1 an half of one have perished, I was told the drought, I suspect the sattelite dish , which I no longer have and the half is coming back, though very slowly,
    I sent one to a gentleman’s mother ( I owned a plant nursery) because he wanted her to know the plant her cancer fighting drug came from, it is from the Japanese Yew….
    I attempted to grow one called a Buddhist Yew, I think that was the heat, I really liked it….maybe its time for another one …
    anyway..sorry drifting mind these days…Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the Rune…I have an olde set, but have not really worked with them…I just know they feel good as I hold them and I think clearer in decision amking moments…
    Hope you are doing well in your neck of the woods J…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Eihwaz powerful indeed.
      One week after scratching the symbol on the cliff-face I walked around the front of the rockface once again to see if the symbol had survived the week. It was nowhere to be seen. But then neither was the cliff-face it was marked on! That part of the cliff had collapsed onto the ground.
      Rocks and cliffs may erode away.
      Eihwaz endures.
      Take care MaryRose, J

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